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VR-porn as a Variety in Sex Without Cheating

There is a traditional belief that the easiest way to diversify a monotonous life of a couple is to watch porn films together. But is it really possible to improve your sex life with the help of pornography? Does it contribute to the destruction of relationships? Can VR porn be considered a way of diversifying your sexual life? Let us get all this straightened out.

More Passion, Move Love, More vr sex!

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Sexual problems

Men’s Problems due to Sexual Abstinence

Recent medical research results show that prolonged sexual abstinence leads not only to a deterioration in the life quality of men but also to physical and psychological disorders. There are many stereotypes on this regards; however, scientists set the record straight. Learn several important facts on this topic.

What Does Sexual Abstinence Mean?

Sexual abstinence is characterized by a condition of the sex absence. It may be caused by different circumstances, with the most common being the following ones:

  • health conditions;
  • the absence of a constant partner;
  • spiritual practices;
  • upcoming competitions (for athletes);
  • asexuality;
  • individual personal reasons.

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