Men’s Problems due to Sexual Abstinence

Recent medical research results show that prolonged sexual abstinence leads not only to a deterioration in the life quality of men but also to physical and psychological disorders. There are many stereotypes on this regards; however, scientists set the record straight. Learn several important facts on this topic.

What Does Sexual Abstinence Mean?

Sexual abstinence is characterized by a condition of the sex absence. It may be caused by different circumstances, with the most common being the following ones:

  • health conditions;
  • the absence of a constant partner;
  • spiritual practices;
  • upcoming competitions (for athletes);
  • asexuality;
  • individual personal reasons.

  Whatever the reason for abstinence is, its consequences are very serious. Thus, scientists from France conducted a study, whose results showed that prolonged sexual abstinence significantly impaired the life and health of men. According to the study, men who are not sexually active have psychological and physical disorders that may cause early death.

If a man for some reason does not have sex for a long time, his body ages faster, which leads to his early death. Besides, researchers have proven that the lack of sex leads to mental disorders in men. In addition, there are premature problems with potency, the work of the heart, and the vessel condition.

According to experts, almost all men who abstain from sex face neurotic problems and constantly feel strong irritability and aggression. The absence of sex sometimes makes the psyche so shattered that men have obsessions, manias, phobias, or even a split personality. Depression, which can develop due to sexual abstinence, in the most severe cases leads to the fact that the man ends his life by suicide.

Apart from the above complications associated with the abstinence, other possible consequences include the following ones:

  •    persistent decrease in the desire;
  •    premature ejaculation;
  •    development of neurosis and inferiority complex;
  •    fear of new acquaintances;
  •    nervousness and aggression;
  •    suppression of the formation of prostate secretion;
  •    varicose veins of the scrotum;
  •    tumors (prostate adenoma, testicular cancer);
  •    impotence.

The degree of harm sexual abstinence brings to the male body depends on the individual characteristics of a person. Men with the weak desire can abstain from sex for several years without pronounced harm to health. On the other hand, temperamental men immediately begin to experience psychological and physiological problems in case they do not have sex for 2-3 days. Sexual abstinence affects the performance, physical and mental activity; it leads to emotional and physical disorders and various neuroses.

If you have sex regularly, then there is 30% more immunoglobulin A in your blood compared to those, who mostly support sexual abstinence. On top of that, regular sex life strengthens the immune system of a person, improves mood and has a beneficial effect on the work of all systems of your body.

Whatever the reason for your sexual abstinence is, you need to resolve it immediately. In case of the absence of a sexual partner, you can always watch porn movies thus improve your health condition.

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