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VR-porn as a Variety in Sex Without Cheating

There is a traditional belief that the easiest way to diversify a monotonous life of a couple is to watch porn films together. But is it really possible to improve your sex life with the help of pornography? Does it contribute to the destruction of relationships? Can VR porn be considered a way of diversifying your sexual life? Let us get all this straightened out.

More Passion, Move Love, More vr sex!

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Benefits porn

Self-Deception – The Availability of Porn and Sex in Real Life

Nowadays, almost 35% of all online content is of pornographic character. Every second, porn platforms are visited by almost 30,000 of Internet users. One explanation for the increasing popularity of the porn genre is the difficulty in building interpersonal relationships that could lead to sex. That is why so many people watch porn on a regular basis at least several times during the month.

Benefits of Porn for the Sexual Life of Spouses

Watching porn is associated with many different useful facts:

  • When watching porn, a man can get sexual satisfaction without extra effort and a partner. It often happens that men do not want to spend time on foreplay with a tired partner. Erotic videos without prior preparation will help him to relax at any time convenient for him.
  • “Learn, learn, and learn again!” New knowledge of sexual positions, the desire to learn something new from porn actors, or ordinary curiosity – all require encouragement rather than reproach. After all, the man is trying to learn something that will certainly please his beloved one and will give her unprecedented pleasure in bed.
  • Watching porn movies serves as sexual energy charger, which will lead to a gentle and vibrant sex with a beloved woman. In this case, videos for adults perform a function of the prelude.
  • Diversity in sex is vital for men. But this does not mean that you need to change your partner; there is a more adequate solution – watching porn. What is more, you can watch porn together with your partner and bring all your fantasies to life.
  • All men are contemplators, and pornography is a great reason to admire the beautiful female bodies.

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Girls and porn

Why Girls Watch Porn

Recent statistics proved that women watch movies for adults: 96% of respondents between 18 to 35 years have at least once checked out the porn movie. Most surprising is that 63% watch porn flicks once or even more times per month. Astonished? Besides, there are special websites which are specialized in porn for women, and they are in a great favor among the target users.

Reasons Why Girls Watch Movies for Adults:

  1. Pure interest: they have heard so much about such a genre. Rarely, a girl would be able to resist the excitement to experience something new, something her boyfriend is attracted to.
  2. Learning new techniques: each woman wants to be a fantastic lover so that her partner is fully satisfied and is not considering cheating. Additionally, when a man is contented, a woman feels more confident.
  3. Fantasizing: just like men, women are prone to erotic fantasies and like the visual reproduction of their dreams. Sometimes, it is the only way to satisfy a hidden desire your partner does not share, for example, a threesome.
  4. Comparison and estimation: watching a sex movie, it is possible to assess own achievements and skills in sex. Girls are also examining actresses to understand what makes this genre so appealing to their boyfriends.
  5. Masturbation: not a surprise anymore that girls are also entertaining themselves when they are alone. Masturbation is a quick and sure way to take the pressure off and to de-stress. Porn is a useful tool together with a wide range of sex toys available in shops for her satisfaction.
  6. Accessibility and privacy: typing a relevant request at the search engine, everyone can find the movies for adults. It is possible to keep such interest in secret. Thus, shy and hesitating girls can now watch such movies without a fear of being disclosed.
  7. It belongs to her boyfriend: at the laptop of a partner, there are 18+ movies. Which girl would resist the temptation to watch the selection of porn movies which are turning her boyfriend on? None!
  8. Learning more about men: watching porn women can find out more about the bodies of the other men, their desires, techniques, capabilities, etc. Once again, it proves that women will not stop if they want to satisfy their curiosity.

  1. Equality with men: it is important for women to feel that everything that is available to men is available to them as well. Besides, when a woman has the courage to confess that she is watching porn, she is confirming her passion for sex and lust to satisfy herself as well as her partner.

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Benefits porn

Benefits of Watching Porn if You Have a Passive Partner

Do you like to watch porn movies? No need to blush for shame! Most of us enjoy erotic videos from time to time or even watch pornography with their sexual partner. And this is not surprising or shameful at all. The main thing is to know the limits. Watching porn can bring a lot of benefits.

1. Watching Porn Relieves Stress

Porn help people enjoy their life at maximum; it has nothing read more

Sexual problems

Men’s Problems due to Sexual Abstinence

Recent medical research results show that prolonged sexual abstinence leads not only to a deterioration in the life quality of men but also to physical and psychological disorders. There are many stereotypes on this regards; however, scientists set the record straight. Learn several important facts on this topic.

What Does Sexual Abstinence Mean?

Sexual abstinence is characterized by a condition of the sex absence. It may be caused by different circumstances, with the most common being the following ones:

  • health conditions;
  • the absence of a constant partner;
  • spiritual practices;
  • upcoming competitions (for athletes);
  • asexuality;
  • individual personal reasons.

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